PC / ABS application



  1.Automotive interior and exterior trim:dashboard,trim,instrument front cover,grille,interior and exterior trim

  2.Business equipment case and built-in parts:notebook/desktop computer,copier,printer,plotter,monitor

  3.Telecom,mobile phone case,accessories and smart card(SIM card):

  4.Electrical products,electronics enclosures,meter covers and housings,household switches,plugs and sockets,cables and wires

  5.Household appliances,such as washing machine,hair dryer,microwave oven internal and external components

  PC/ABS injection mold process conditions:

  Drying:Drying before processing is necessary.The humidity should be less than 0.04%,and the recommended drying conditions are 90~110C,2~4 hours.

  Melting temperature:230~300C.

  Mold temperature:50~100C.

  Injection pressure:depends on plastic parts.

  Injection speed:as high as possible.

  Chemical and physical properties:PC/ABS has the comprehensive characteristics of both PC and ABS.For example,the easy processing characteristics of ABS and the excellent mechanical characteristics and thermal stability of PC.The ratio of the two will affect the thermal stability of the PC/ABS material.PC/ABS hybrid materials also show excellent flow characteristics.The shrinkage is around 0.5%.