Performance characteristics of ABS engineering plastics



  Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene(ABS)is a general-purpose thermoplastic polymer.ABS features:good rigidity,high impact strength,heat resistance,low temperature resistance,chemical resistance.It has excellent properties,mechanical strength and electrical properties,easy to process,good dimensional stability and surface gloss,easy to paint and color,and can also perform secondary processing properties such as spray metal,electroplating,welding and bonding.Because of the characteristics of ABS combined with the characteristics of its three components,it has excellent comprehensive performance,and has become one of the preferred plastics for electrical components,home appliances,computers,and instruments.

  ABS engineering plastics are generally opaque,with a light ivory color,non-toxic,and tasteless.They have the characteristics of toughness,hardness,and rigidity.They burn slowly,the flame is yellow,and there is black smoke.After burning,the plastic softens and burns,and emits special Smell of cinnamon,but no melting dripping.

  ABS engineering plastics have excellent comprehensive properties,excellent impact strength,good dimensional stability,electrical properties,abrasion resistance,chemical resistance,dyeing properties,and good forming and mechanical processing.ABS resin is resistant to water,inorganic salts,alkalis and acids.It is insoluble in most alcohols and hydrocarbon solvents,but easily soluble in aldehydes,ketones,esters and certain chlorinated hydrocarbons.

  ABS engineering plastics disadvantages:low heat distortion temperature,flammable,poor weather resistance.